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Truckdrivers spoonbill



Watson paddlefish


Shawn spoonbill


Mercer boy paddlefish


Camp spoonbill


2008 watson spoonbill


Paddlefish catch


Dempsey Fishing Guide catch

Grand Lake catch


Dempsey Fishing Guide Service,

Grand Lake Fishing Guide

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 Mar 2008 spoonbilkl


Dallas paddlefish

Grand Lake paddlefish catch

Fun with Dempsey Guide Service


  The Dempsey  Fishing Guide Service the Grand Lake Fishing Guide has over 30 years combined experience spoonbill paddlefish fishing snagging on Grand Lake, Grove, Oklahoma. He shares his knowledge and experience with both the novice and advanced fisherman., just as the first generation did with the second generation and with his fishermen.  He not only guides on Grand Lake for the spoonbill catfish (as some call them)  but also live in the Grove area and know the best fishing holes around.  The Dempsey's are known as the #1 Spoonbill Fishing Guides on Grand Lake, which has been passed down from the first generation Otis Dempsey, which many of you might be familiar with, to the second generation Otis Dempsey.



 Paddlefish information

Spoonbill Recipes


Donated trip for the Fallen Soldiers

Fallen Soldiers donated trip

April 2, 2016 on the board with this 82 pound spoonbill


2013 Dallas spoonbillOdie spoonbill2013 Ausini spoonbill


Fishers of Men  

Dempsey & Houston, Fishers of Men



      Dempsey Fishing Guide Service provides 2011 War Eagle Boat for your pleasure, safety, comfort and seats 8 fishermen, with a 2011 Yamaha 150P motor, for speed, dependability & quietness of the motor. The latest technology in fishing equipment, such as the Lowrance Fish Finders  ( and GPS system, Okuma Avenger reels (, Okuma Rods & Pure Fishing Spider wire ( for those big fish, all for your pleasure and convenience in catching fish with Dempsey  guide service. Whether you are young, old, male, female, live near or far you will have fun on your fishing trip catching fish with Dempsey as they tell you of their fishing stories, sings songs and tells you jokes, and ,of course, catches fish. A relaxing, enjoyable and productive trip made up of memories to tell your grandchildren about in the years to come.

Come join The Dempsey's on a snagging fishing trip for paddlefish spoonbill

from November through April.


Paddlefish Spoonbill Snagging Trips

$300 1 or 2 person trip (approximately 4 hours)   *** $125 per person 3rd through 6th

   paddlefish 2   paddlefish 3   padlefish 4    

how about the smallest spoonbill?

      2013 spoonbill Dallas      Grand Lake Fishing  Bros spoonbill

Shobe spoonbill   Brianne spoonbill

Shobe family spoonbill

Grand Lake paddlefish Spoonbill on Grand Lake  Spoonbill with Dempsey Fishing Guide Service

 Mercer spoonbill catch

Mercer with Dempsey Guide ServiceMercerGrand Lake guideMercer paddlefish fishing

Grand Lake OK spoonbillGrand Lake spoonbill catch

   March paddlefish


Your Guide Furnishes:

You Need to Bring:

2011 War Eagle Boat

Valid OK Fishing License & HIP permit

2011 150HP Yamaha  Motor

Warm Clothing/Rain Gear

Oil & Gas

Spoonbill Permit

Bait & All Tackle

Anything you want to eat


Camera for those special photos

Plenty of Laughs

A Desire to have a Good Time

A Great Fishing Trip

You and Your Friends

Book your spoonbill fishing trip TODAY  for a guaranteed date.

No one will work harder for you and we're going to have fun!!!!

Check out our general fishing website at

Get your Oklahoma fishing license, HIP permit & spoonbill permit online at


Your inquires are very important to us, we will get back with you ASAP. 


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some photos supplied by the first generation.



Dempsey Fishing Guide Service

Grand Lake Fishing Guide

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